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Five Ways to Quickly Improve Your Spoken English

October 22, 2022 English Comments Off

Five Ways to Quickly Improve Your Spoken English

Learning how to speak English is easier than you might think. If you study hard and apply yourself, you’ll soon be able to hold basic conversations and even improve your listening skills with native speakers. These ‘five ways to quickly improve your spoken English’ will help you become fluent in the language faster than ever before.

Record Yourself

Practice makes perfect—and there’s no better way to improve your spoken English than by recording yourself and analyzing your mistakes. If you’re worried about sounding stupid, record yourself with a friend or someone who speaks English well; then, as you watch/listen back, try pinpointing what you could do better. You can also use an app like VoiceThread to record yourself speaking English, practice listening to it and get feedback from others in real-time.

Watch & Learn from Successful YouTubers

Watching videos of people speaking English is a great way to pick up spoken English skills. YouTube is filled with vloggers and YouTubers who produce English language learning videos, many of which are made specifically for learners. You’ll find everything from educational videos that teach you specific words and phrases to comedy sketches and advice shows. The best part about watching these videos? Seeing how natives use language in a real-world context will not only help you improve your grammar but also give you ideas on how you can use it yourself. One of my favorite channels for learning spoken English is BBC Learning English, a channel where all their videos center around teaching various ESL topics.

Practice While Watching Videos

Watching English-language videos that are fun and engaging can be a great way to improve your spoken English. Even if you don’t fully understand what people are saying, as long as you understand key phrases—like movie titles, sayings or names of famous actors—you’ll be able to participate in conversations with others who do speak English. If you’re watching an educational video, try to pause it every once in a while so that you can practice saying certain words or phrases out loud. And no matter what type of video you’re watching, take advantage of subtitles and make sure that both your eyes and ears are open for learning opportunities. Don’t forget about online TV platforms like Netflix!

Join an Online Community

It can be daunting to try and improve your English while still living in your home country. The embarrassment of making mistakes, or worrying that people might judge you for them, often makes it difficult to practice your skills. Fortunately, there are plenty of places online where you can get spoken English tips and meet others who speak English as a second language (ESL). If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out some Facebook groups dedicated specifically to ESL learners. You’ll find links in the video description below—if there aren’t any ESL groups active near you, start one yourself!

Speak with Native Speakers

While it’s possible to learn English grammar on your own, you won’t improve in reading, writing and listening if you don’t converse with natives. After all, spoken English is not taught in school—it’s something you pick up over time while communicating with natives. It can be scary at first but native speakers are welcoming if you simply ask them to speak slowly or repeat themselves. With a little bit of confidence and patience, it shouldn’t take long before natives start complimenting your accent or dialect. Also, remember that mistakes are expected; no one expects you to speak like a native straight out of the gate.

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