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List of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs

February 5, 2022 English Comments Off

Here in this post, you will find a List of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs. Having a comprehensive understanding of how words can change from one part of speech to another is of utmost importance. One notable example of this is the word “beauty,” which can be transformed into its adjective form as “beautiful,” its adverb form as “beautifully,” and its verb form as “beautify,” through the addition of appropriate prefixes and suffixes to the root word.

By adding prefixes and suffixes, the word’s original meaning can be modified and expanded, which allows for greater versatility in expression. If you are seeking to augment your vocabulary and refine your language skills, there is a vast list of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs that can be obtained through the application of appropriate prefixes and suffixes. By familiarizing yourself with this process, you can become a more effective communicator, both verbally and in writing.    

Understanding how words can transform from one part of speech to another is vital in language development and curriculum instruction. Student-centered instruction requires a comprehensive understanding of the power of prefixes and suffixes to create a versatile vocabulary that enhances communication skills. Utilizing appropriate prefixes and suffixes in curriculum instruction can promote instructional learning and empower students to become effective communicators. Curriculum and instruction, instructional leaders, educational design, and instruction in education all play crucial roles in achieving effective learning outcomes.


A suffix is a letter or group of letters added at the end of a word to make a new word. Suffix changes a word from one part of speech to another like a noun to an adjective.
A prefix is a letter or group of letters placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning.

List of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs:

1. Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
2. enable ability able ably
3. accept acceptance acceptable acceptably
4. accuse accusation accusing accusingly
5. achieve achievement achievable
6. act act, action, activity   active actively
7. add addition additional additionally
8. admire admiration admirable admirably
9. advise advice advisable advisably
10. agree agreement agreeable agreeably
11. anger anger angry angrily
12. appreciate appreciation appreciable, appreciative appreciatively
13. approve approval approving approvingly
14. approximate approximation approximate approximately
15. argue argument arguable, argumentative arguably
16. attend attention attentive attentively
17. attract attraction attractive attractively
18. base base, basis basic basically
19. beautify beauty beautiful beautifully
20. believe belief believable believably
21. bore bore, boredom bored, boring boringly
22. breathe breath breathless breathlessly
23. calm calm, calmness calm calmly
24. care care careful, caring carefully, carelessly
25. centralize centre, centralization central, centralized centrally
26. characterize character characteristic characteristically
27. circulate circulation circular
28. clean cleanliness clean cleanly
29. clear clarity, clearance clear clearly
30. collect collection collective collectively
31. colour colour coloured colourfully
32. comfort comfort comfortable comfortably
33. compare comparison comparable, comparative comparatively
34. compete competition competitive, uncompetitive competitively
35. complete completion complete completely
36. conclude conclusion conclusive conclusively
37. condition condition conditional conditionally,
38. confide confidence confident, confidential confidently, confidentially
39. confuse confusion confused, confusing confusingly
40. consider consideration considerable, considerate considerably
41. continue continuation, continuity continual, continuous continually, continuously
42. cool cool, coolness cool coolly
43. correct correction, correctness correct, corrective correctly
44. create creation, creativity creative creatively
45. criticize critic critical critically
46 accustom custom customary customarily
47. dare dare daring daringly
48. darken dark, darkness dark, darkened, darkening darkly
49. deaden death dead, deadly, deathly deadly, deathly
50. deceive deceit, deception deceitful, deceptive deceptively
51. decide decision decided, decisive decidedly, decisively
52. decorate decoration decorative decoratively
53. deepen deep, depth deep, deepening deeply
54. defend defence defensive defensively
55. define definition definite definitely
56. demonstrate demonstration demonstrable, demonstrative demonstrably
57. depend dependent, dependence dependable dependably
58. describe description describable descriptively
59. destroy destruction destructive destructively
60. determine determination determined determinedly
61. differ, differentiate difference different differently
62. direct direction direct directly
63. disagree disagreement disagreeable disagreeably
64.. disappoint disappointment disappointed, disappointing disappointingly
65. distance distance distant distantly
66. disturb disturbance disturbed, disturbing disturbingly
67. doubt doubt doubtful doubtfully
68. dream dream dreamless, dreamy dreamily
69. dress dress dressed, dressy dressily
70. drink drink, drunkenness drunk, drunken drunkenly
71. ease ease, easiness easy easily
72. educate education educated, educational educationally
73. effect effect, effectiveness effective effectively
74. electrify electricity electric, electrical electrically
75. embarrass embarrassment embarrassed, embarrassing embarrassingly
76. emphasize emphasis emphatic emphatically
77. encourage encouragement encouraged, encouraging encouragingly
78. end end unending, endless endlessly
80. energize energy energetic energetically
81. enjoy enjoyment enjoyable enjoyably
82. entertain entertainment entertaining entertainingly
83. enthuse enthusiasm enthusiastic enthusiastically
84. equalize equality equal equally
85. excel excellence excellent excellently
86. excite excitement excitable, excited, exciting excitedly, excitingly
87. excuse excuse excusable excusably
88. expect expectation expectant expectantly,
89. expend expenditure, expense expensive expensively
90. experiment experiment experimental experimentally
91. explain explanation explanatory, explicable inexplicably
92. explode explosion explosive explosively
93. express expression expressive expressively
94. familiarize familiarity familiar familiarly
95. fashion fashion fashionable fashionably
96. fear fear fearful, fearless, fearsome fearfully, fearlessly
97. finalize final final finally
98. fish fish, fishing fishy fishily
99. fit fit fitted fittingly
100. force force forceful, forcible forcefully, forcibly
101. forget forgetfulness forgetful forgetfully
102. formalize formality formal formally
103. frequent frequency frequent frequently
104. freshen freshness fresh freshly
105. frighten fright frightened, frightening, frightful frighteningly, frightfully
106. harden hardship hard hard, hardly
107. harm harm, harmfulness harmful, harmless harmfully, harmlessly
108. heat, overheat heat heated heatedly
109. help help helpful, helpless helpfully, helplessly
110. hope hope hopeful, hopeless hopefully, hopelessly
111. hurry hurry hurried hurriedly
112. hurt hurt hurtful hurtfully
113. ice ice icy icily
114. imagine imagination imaginable, imaginative unimaginably, imaginatively
115. impress impression impressive impressively
116. increase increase increased increasingly
117. infect infection infectious infectiously
118. insist insistence insistent insistently
119. instruct instruction instructive instructively
120. intend intent, intention intended, intentional, intentionally
121. interest interest interested, disinterested, uninterested, interesting interestingly
122. invent invention inventive inventively
123. invite invitation, invite inviting invitingly
124. know knowledge knowledgeable, known knowingly, knowledgeably
125. enlarge enlargement large largely
126. laugh laugh laughable laughably
127. outlaw law lawful lawfully
128. legalize legality legal legally
129. lengthen length lengthy lengthily
130. light, lighten light light lightly
131. locate, location local locally
132. love love lovable, lovely lovingly
133. lower low low, lower low
134. man man, mankind manly mannishly, manfully
135. mark mark marked markedly
136. match match matchless matchlessly
137 materialize material, materialism immaterial, materialistic materially
138. mean meaning, meaningfulness meaningful, meaningless meaningfully, meaninglessly
139. measure measurement measurable immeasurably
140. memorize memory memorable memorably
141. mind mind, mindlessness mindless, mindful mindlessly
142. minimize minimum minimal minimally
143. mistake mistake mistaken mistakenly
144. moralize moral, morality moral, moralistic morally
145. mother mother, motherhood motherly
146 move move, movement movable, moving movingly
147. murder murder murderous murderously
148. name, rename name named, unnamed, nameless namely
149. nationalize nation, nationalization, nationality national, nationalistic nationally
150. naturalize nature, naturalist, naturalization, natural, naturalistic naturally
151. necessitate necessity necessary necessarily
152. need need needy needlessly
153. unnerve nerve, nervousness nervous, nervy, nervously, nervelessly
154. renew news, newness new, renewable newly, anew
155. normalize normality normal normally
156. notice notice noticeable noticeably
157. obey obedience obedient obediently
158. offend offense offensive offensively
159. officiate office official officially
160. open openness open openly
161. operate, cooperate operation operational, operative operationally
162. opt option optional optionally
163. originate origin original originally
164. pain pain painful, painless painfully, painlessly
165. part, impart part, partition partial, impartial partially, partly
166. pacify peace peaceful peacefully
167. perfect perfection perfect perfectly
168. personalize, personify person, personality personal, personalized personally
169. persuade persuasion, persuasiveness persuasive persuasively
170. play, outplay play, playfulness playful, playable playfully
171. please pleasure pleasant, pleasurable pleasantly, unpleasantly
172. point point, pointlessness pointed, pointless pointlessly, pointedly
173. politicize politics political, politicized politically
174. popularize popularity popular popularly
175. power, empower power powerful, powerless powerfully
176. prefer preference preferable, preferred preferably
177. present presence, presentation, present, presentable presently
178. privatize privacy, privatization private privately
179. profit profit, profitability profitable profitably
180. progress progress, progression progressive progressively
181. provide provision provisional provisionally
182. publicize public, publicity public publicly
183. punish punishment punishable, punishing punishingly
184. purify purification, purity pure purely
185. question question questionable questionably
186. quieten quiet quiet quietly
187. race race racial racially
188. realize realism, reality real, realistic really, realistically
189. reason reason reasonable reasonably
190. receive receipt, reception, receptive, reciprocal reciprocally
191. recognize recognition recognizable recognizably
192. reflect reflection reflective reflectively
193. regret regret regrettable, regretful regrettably, regretfully
194. regulate regular, regularity regular regularly
195. relate relation, relationship related, relative relatively
196. rely reliability reliable reliably
197. remark remark remarkable remarkably
198. repair repair irreparable irreparably
199. repeat repeat, repetition repeated, repetitive repeatedly, repetitively
200. report report reported reportedly
201. respect respect respectable, respectful, respective respectably, respectfully, respectively
202. respond response, responsiveness responsive responsively
203. rest rest restless, rested, restful restlessly
204. enrich riches, richness rich richly
205. right right, rightness, righteous, rightful right, rightly, rightfully
206. romanticize romance, romanticism romantic, romanticized romantically
207. roughen rough, roughness rough roughly
208. round round round, rounded roundly
209. sadden sadness sad, saddened sadly
210. satisfy satisfaction satisfactory, satisfactorily
211. school school, pre-school scholastic scholastically
212. search, research search, research searchable searchingly
213. sense, sensitize sense, sensibility, sensitivity, sensitiveness sensible, sensitive, sensory sensibly, sensitively
214. separate separation separable, separate separately
215. shake shake, shakiness shaky shakily
216. shape shape shapely, shaped shapelessly
217. sharpen sharpness sharp sharply, sharpish
218. shock shock shocking, shockable shockingly
219. shorten short, shortness short, shortish shortly
220. shy shyness shy shyly
221. sicken sick, sickness sick, sickly sickeningly
222. signify significance significant significantly
223. silence silence silent silently
224. simplify simplicity, simplification simplistic simply
225. single single singular singly
226. sleep sleep, sleepiness asleep, sleepy sleepily
227. socialize society,  sociable, social socially
228. soften softness soft softly
229. solidify solid, solidity solid solidly
230. specialize specialty special, specialized specially
231. speed speed, speediness speedy speedily
232. spot spot spotted, spotty spotlessly
233. stand, withstand stand, standstill standing, outstanding outstandingly
234. steepen steepness steep steeply
235. stiffen stiffness stiff stiffly
236. strengthen strength strong strongly
237. strike strike striking strikingly
238. structure structure, structuralism structural structurally
239. study student, study studious studiously
240. style style, stylishness stylish, stylistic stylishly, stylistically
241. substantiate substance substantial, substantive substantially
242. succeed success, succession successful, successive successfully
243. suggest suggestion suggestive, suggestible suggestively
244. support support, supportiveness supportive, supporting supportively
245. suppose, presuppose supposition supposed supposedly
246. surprise surprise surprised, surprising surprisingly
247. suspect suspect, suspicion suspected, suspicious suspiciously
248. sweeten sweet, sweetness sweet sweetly
249. symbolize symbol, symbolism symbolic symbolically
250. sympathize sympathy sympathetic sympathetically
251. systematize system, systematization systematic systematically
252. talk talk, talks talkative talkatively
253. taste taste tasteful, tasty tastefully
254. thank thanks, thankfulness thankful thankfully
255. theorize theory, theorem theoretical theoretically
256. thicken thick, thickness thick thickly
257. thin thinness thin thinly
258. think thought, thoughtfulness, thoughtful thoughtfully
259. threaten threat threatening threateningly
260. tighten tightness tight tight, tightly
261. tire tiredness tired, tiresome, tiring tiredly, tiresomely
262. touch touch touched, touching, touchy touchingly, touchily
263. trouble trouble troublesome, troubling troublingly
264. trust, entrust trust, trusteeship trusting, trustworthy trustfully
265. typify type typical typically
266. understand understanding understandable understandably
267. use usage, use used, useful usefully
268. vary variant, variety, variation variable, varied, various invariably, variously
269. violate violence violent violently
270. wrong wrong wrongful wrongly, wrongfully
271. warm warmth warm warmly
272. waste wastage, waste waste, wasteful wastefully
273. watch watch, watchfulness watchful watchfully
274. weaken weakness weak weakly
275. weigh, outweigh weight weighty, weightless weightlessly
276. widen width wide widely
277. wonder wonder wonderful wonderfully
278. worry worry worried, worrying, worrisome worryingly
279. write, rewrite writing written

End of the list of Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs:

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